Best Laid Plans of A Geek Gurl

Hello everyone and welcome to the site!

So what is this all about?

In short, this site will be about a little bit of everything. My adventure and misadventures in being a geek, a crafter, a fan, a voice actor and all the other titles they come together to form me.  If there is a tip,  trick or hint that I have learned about any and all subject I write about on this site, I will post it here. Mainly because I feel if  you learn something that can be helpful to someone else , you pass it along.

But don’t worry there will be some fun too. Trivia games, mini panels, contest, giveaways, challenges and much more are on deck for this site.

Oh….suggestions are appreciated and welcome. So if you have a comment, question or concern feel free to contact me at or leave a comment on a post.

Hope you enjoy the site!


et cetera